Jorge Nuno, born in Lisbon, Portugal in 1971, a musician in publishing activity since 1996, has belonged to several alternative-rock projects like Riddle, Lisamona, etc. Also  taking part in two soundtracks of  Portuguese films he is currently developing several avant-garde/Free jazz/Free rock projects such as Signs of the Silhouette/Dead Vortex/Uivo Zebra . 

He has played with musicians such has Mauricio Takara, Hernani Faustino, Tiago Sousa, Blaise Siwula, Helena Espvall, João Paulo Entrezede, Marcio Gibson, Rodrigo Gobbet, Frank Rosaly, Yedo Gibson, Rodrigo Pinheiro,Zé Lencastre, Monsieur Trinite, Dina Maccabee, Pedro Santo,  among others.

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